The Ultimate Power Nap
for Rapid Rest and Renewal

About the Program:
The Ultimate Power Nap for Rapid Rest and Renewal is an easy-to-use program which teaches the listener how to take brief, effortless but deeply restorative naps and to awaken on time feeling alert and replenished. Interspersed throughout are comforting music, guided visualizations, and positive self-hypnotic suggestions.
  Disc One, which need only be listened to once, contains an important Introduction which discusses the “art and science of power napping,” guides the listener through a self-analysis of personal sleep deficits, discusses how to incorporate healing self-hypnotic suggestions and then provides help in designing an effective power nap. The second track of this first CD contains a Practice Session which is an invaluable skill building session that incorporates multi-sensory visualizations to teach the listener how to shift effortlessly in and out of deeper states of physical and mental ease. 
   Disc Two contains an introductory session entitled, Prepare to Nap which is followed by The Power Nap itself. The Power Nap is a 20-25 minute guided session which the listener can use repeatedly to accompany personally designated nap interludes. The power nap session includes helpful hypnotic suggestions targeting healing and mind/body renewal on a deep inner level of awareness. The session is designed to leave the listener feeling refreshed, alert and without grogginess. Like immersive language studies, practice and repetition with The Ultimate Power Nap for Rapid Rest and Renewal program will yield ease and fluency with this new skill.
Warning: This program is not a substitute for medical treatment. Do not listen to this program while driving or doing other activity that requires full concentration.
About the Author
Dr. Carol Ginandes is an internationally known health psychologist practicing in the Boston area. She integrates hypnosis with psychotherapy to help clients address a wide variety of mind-body problems. She trains health professionals and has conducted collaborative cutting-edge research on hypnotically facilitated healing. She holds staff appointments at McLean Hospital and at Harvard Medical School and has authored and recorded a variety of other audio programs for mind/body healing.